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Thank you for visiting our site and we WELCOME YOU TO VENERO GARDENS & NURSERY for the 2016 garden year.

June 8, 2016 is the last day to place an order for shipping.

This is definitely our last year in the nursery business. We felt and expressed that our 2015 season would be the last, but closing our business is taking longer than we anticipated. In preparation for next season, we have dug and divided plants from our display gardens to "refill" the hosta glade including Astiboides, Syneilesis, rare Polygonatums, etc., focusing on items that have been requested. We also dug many Martagon lilies and "rowed" them out in the hosta glade making it much easier to see what's available. While we have sold Martagon lilies most years, we have never included them in our catalog listing. These are all blooming size. We encourage you to order early.

Items will continually be potted and added to our tables so we hope you will visit often. Merely because of time constraints, not all items will be listed in our catalog. We will do our best to mark catalog items when sold out. Note that we have omitted the conifer and shrub catalogs from the menu -- we have very few items left from last season -- onesies, twosies type of thing. We will not be listing these -- just to let you know that there are a few things available.

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We are sold out of our plant markers, but will have markers available from our display gardens. The stainless steel placards will be cleaned. The markers that have the older style placards will be replaced with the new style placard. Pricing on these "used" markers is $ 3.35. Sales tax and shipping are additional.

We will again send email sales notices and coupon offers during the garden season. We had tremendous bargains last season and expect to do the same this year. There is a form to fill out at the bottom of this page if interested in receiving our notices. (We don't sell, give out or otherwise make this information available for any other purpose.

This fall we will be offering items relating to our business for sale. These include the redwood pergola, redwood arbors, and shade cloth system. Also available will be field stone, railroad ties, black garden edging, cement posts, etc. We will post pictures of these items with information on our website later.

Thanks for considering Venero Gardens as your plant source. Have a great Garden Season!

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